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How to install android sdk
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Autor: bookkeeper
Chapter: Android

It's really fun to develop for androidand it's also very easy! The android provides evrything that you need. As IDE you need eclipse.

0. Install Java: apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

1. Download eclipse: Don't use eclipse from linux package manager. It won't work.

2. Download Android SDK for your platform:

3. Start eclipse and use a workspace

4. The first start will look like this

5. Close the "Welcome" and choose under "help", "Install new software"

This Dialog will come up

6. Click "Add"

7. Name for example: "AndroidSDK"


    And click "OK"

8. Check the two options

9. And click "Next"

10. And again "Next"

11. Accept to the terms if you agree to them :) and click "Finish"

The installation starts

12. Click "OK" and continue the installation

13. Restart your eclipse

14. Go under "Window -> Preferences"


15. Extract the android-sdk which you have downloaded.

      Choose "Android" and choose a android-sdk path

15. Click "apply" and after "OK"

16. Go under "window" -> "Android SDK and AVD Manager" AndroidVirtualDevice



17. Click "New"


18. Create new AVD


You are ready to create applications for Android!